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your team for brand strategy, coaching & content.

If you have an idea you want to bring to life, it is specifically meant for you, and you alone.

“There’s nothing I love more than helping you step out onto center stage with the confidence to create something of your very own. You can do this. I believe in you.”

Meet Nancy Bruce

Brand Builder.

I began my own copywriting business in Chicago 30 years ago. It was exciting, successful, and I loved every minute of it. There’s so much freedom – and security – being at the wheel and knowing you can make money without relying on a job title, a boss, a shifting economy, whatever.

You can rely on YOU.

Once you have a taste of running your own business, nothing is as sweet.

Some staff jobs are incredibly rewarding. Throughout the years, I’ve worked at agencies in Chicago and LA, on brands like Whole Foods, Walgreens, LEGO, Microsoft, BET, and GoPro.

But nothing compares to designing a business and a life for yourself. Creating work-life harmony that you LOVE, and that loves you back.

What I’ve learned from working with countless clients over the years is this: We don’t dream other people’s dreams.

Some of my clients have the barest glimmer of an idea. Others are leaders of impressive brands. I meet them wherever they are on their journey.

And my goal is always the same: To build your brand. Sell your services. Expand your audience. Define your future.

Let’s create your freedom.

“When you get clear about your own truth — not what others are doing, but what YOU want to put out into the world — that’s when your brand vision, mission, and spirit begin to soar.”

We uncover what makes your dream special, why the world needs it NOW, and how to bring it to life.

Are you in?

I’m in

Meet Olivia Hayano

Our Social Media Manager, Copywriter, and Virtual Assistant.

I love supporting our clients through graphic design, website development, marketing, and storytelling. Our goal is always to inspire you to expand your brand in new and exciting ways.

Meet David Bruce

Our Business Manager.

We operate with open communication, trust, and plenty of joy. As a former hockey player in the NHL, I understand how teamwork drives success. Nancy, Olivia, and I give our clients the excellent level of service they need and deserve.

“Nancy not only developed my new brand and website, she helped interview and select a PR agency, and created collateral for a signature program. The results have been extraordinary – new clients, numerous TV, print, and podcast opportunities, and the successful launch of our first Masterclass.”

Carson Tate

Founder and Visionary, Carson Tate and Working Simply

“I can’t tell you how valuable this was for me. You are offering women like me a chance to step up in bigger, more powerful ways. Thank you for understanding my business, and helping me craft my story and share my voice.”

Darienne Mobley

Founder, Darienne Mobley Inc.

“You took my company vision to the next level. You helped me weave the threads of my business concept into an exciting and compelling pitch. You helped me push the envelope on my projects and breathe new energy into my work. Thank you!”

Lauren Jezienicki

Real Estate Entrepreneur, Founder, One Circle Co.