Brand Coaching

Let’s Build Your Brand.

Three signature coaching programs to design your brand vision, strategy, and creation. 

You’ve been dreaming about it and now you’re ready to start a business of your own. 

Or you have a brand, and you want to expand it into something bigger, bolder, and more profitable. 

Sometimes in a sea of next steps, it’s hard to know which ones to take first.

Get Started

level 1

Accelerated coaching to build momentum and progress. 

Before you start or grow your business, you need a clear vision of what it is, who it can help, and how to structure and sell your products and services.

Level 1 gets you unstuck and moving forward in the direction of your dream.  

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This Package Includes:


One-on-one, 75-minute Coaching Sessions. A total of two sessions.


In-depth, strategic coaching and mentoring to help you clarify your vision and create momentum around your brand, business, or creative project.


Focused conversation to unearth and articulate WHO you are, WHAT you do, and HOW to sell it to your audience.


The direction you take your business is rooted in the WHY behind your work. Together, we will articulate your passion, purpose, and potential – and point you in the right direction to launch your brand.


Launch Your Dream

level 2

Immersive strategy sessions and brand content creation. 

Envision what your brand can become, and identify the specific steps to get there.

Level 2 is where we develop insights and create content about Who You Are, What You Do, and Why It Matters to your clients and audience. 

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This Package Includes:


One-on-one, 75-minute Coaching Sessions, a total of 4 sessions.


Your brand’s foundational narrative. We will develop the key components of your Brand Story, including your Vision, Voice, Key Differentiators, and how to structure and price your Products and Services.


Identify and understand your ideal clients: Who they are, what they need, what they’re missing, and how you can help. We will hone your message to shine a light on what matters to your clients most, so that you can create content that sparks their interest and imagination. 


Sharpen your focus on your brand’s potential, including the impact you want to make, and how you’ll help your clients transform their lives.

Go to Market

level 3

Level 3 includes everything in Level 2, plus targeted digital marketing brainstorm sessions.

Level 3 helps you prepare to go to market with lead magnets, email campaigns, targeted ads and more. It’s time to sell what you’ve built, in a way that feels right for YOU. 

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This Package Includes:


One-on-one, 75-minute Coaching Sessions, a total of 6 sessions. 


A thorough review and assessment of your current brand assets, including websites, social channels, and all relevant written or recorded material. If you have no assets, don’t worry! We will review source material pertaining to your brand, including peers and competitors who inspire you.  



Content creation. We will write the key components of your Brand Story, including a Brand Vision that spotlights the impact you want to make, and a Brand Voice that looks, sounds, and feels like your authentic self. 



  • Digital Marketing. You’re ready to market and sell your offerings. To build your list and grow your audience, we will create your signature Lead Magnet and three targeted ads.
  • BONUS! This package includes a FREE introductory strategy call with my digital marketing team.


Focused Conversation. Our weekly Zoom Calls are invaluable 1:1 strategy sessions where we go deep to uncover all the shiny gems of your brand and your future as a business owner. These conversations are purpose-driven and goal-focused. We will sweep away obstacles, real or imagined, so you can truly launch your success.

Next-Level Writing. Copywriting and storytelling content for your website, social media and sales channels, and marketing campaigns. In Levels 2 and 3, we’ll write the foundation of a powerful brand narrative to help you grow an engaged audience and thriving brand. 

Smart Sales Strategy:  Knowing how to describe, package, price and structure your services and offerings can be the most challenging aspect of brand building. We’ll sift through your many ideas and prioritize your programs, packages and prices, and determine practical ways to monetize, market, and grow.

And More….


It’s time to demystify what it means to be an entrepreneur, run your own business, and make money doing what you love.
Ask yourself… 

  • What’s the big dream you have for your brand?
  • Who are your clients, what do they need, and how can you help them?
  • What are you selling and how much is it worth?
  • What’s your Brand Story, and how do you tell it to your audience?

These are the questions every new and evolving brand owner needs to answer. 

Starting or growing a business may seem hard, but remember, the flip side of daunting is exciting.

Let’s go. 

Build a business and life that you love!

Enjoy the freedom and autonomy to design your business and your life. Being in charge means you get to decide exactly how, when, where and with whom you want to work. 

I’ll teach you some simple strategies to make all of this more fun and delightful. From finding your ideal clients to mapping out your yearly calendar, we will help you craft the work-life alignment of your dreams.


Level 1


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Level 2


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Level 3


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“Nancy led me on my journey to visualize, build, and fully embody my Brand Story. The results are beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I love, love, love my new brand and highly recommend working with Nancy. She has the gift of keen insight, and is a visionary. With her support and encouragement, I stepped into a bold and beautiful position in my business.”

Dr Anna Cabeca, The Girlfriend Doctor

Author of bestselling books The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green™ 16

“Rarely have I encountered a person of such rare gifts and drive. Incredibly evocative as a visual storyteller; warm and passionate as a presenter; elegant and crystalline as a writer. Nancy understands, better than most, that a brand should be about more than a recitation of visual assets. In her hands, a brand becomes a product’s or company’s soul. If your brand needs definition, refinement or from-scratch creation, you simply cannot do better than Nancy.”

matt rosenblatt

Managing Director, Digital Transformation, Fjord

“Nancy is a woman you can fully trust to work written magic. She takes all the ideas and emotions you have swirling around in your head about your business, that you struggle to express, and (somehow – I’m really not sure how!) creates something articulate, ordered and meaningful. As someone who sometimes struggles to get the ideas in her head organized enough to conform to a piece of paper, or screen, in a way that makes sense to others – Nancy was incredibly valuable.”

Emily Foster

Founder, Glowing Potential