Brand Packages

Name your Dream.

Tier 1


A two-month program for creative brand strategy and visioning.

Let’s put our heads together and figure out how far your brand can go and what it can do. We’ll unpack your Vision, Virtues, Values & Voice.

Let’s imagine


This Package Includes:


One-on-one, 75-minute Strategy Sessions every week, a total of 8 Sessions.


Brand Therapy: This is where we dig deep. We need to understand your vision, see what’s holding you back, unpack the opportunities, and imagine how to bring your brand to life.


Brand Coaching: In-depth, one-on-one sessions to explore what you’re making and selling, crunch some numbers, and dreamcast what the future holds. 


Creative Brand Strategy & Copywriting: We’ll create a strategy for how your brand unfolds, and write preliminary brand copy to set a foundation for the future.

Tier 2


A three-month approach to brand strategy and digital platform creation.

Are you ready to uplevel? Now is the time to make decisions around your brand’s future, including who it can touch, how it can compete, and all the ways it will contribute. From a holistic brand strategy to an integrated brand language system and a fully realized digital platform – your brand is going to work for YOU. 

Let’s launch


This Package Includes:


One-on-one, 75-minute Strategy Sessions, a total of 12 Sessions.


Brand Therapy: We’re going there. Your brand vision is calling you and the opportunities are lining up. We will sweep away obstacles, real or imagined, so you can truly launch your success.


Brand Coaching: In-depth, one-on-one sessions to explore your packages, products and services, crunch some numbers, and dreamcast what the future holds. 


Creative Brand Strategy: Practical ways to monetize, market, and grow.


Copywriting. Comprehensive Brand Story content for your website and social media channels.


Visual Language: Collaboration with design teams and photographers to build and launch your website and social media channels.

Tier 3


A six-month premium program for brand development and business coaching.

Unleash and soar with this premium package. 

This is an in-depth coaching and mentoring program where we create a vision and strategy that will lead us to the unobstructed heights your brand can reach at its full potential. There is no task too small and no idea too big for this package. We’re in this together, all the way.

Let’s unleash



One-on-one, 75-minute Strategy Sessions each week, for the duration of the engagement.


Brand Therapy: It’s time to challenge the status quo of your business. We’ll find ways to expand your vision, clear away blocks, and dream up new ways to grow.


Brand Coaching: Let’s focus on your strengths and shadows as a leader. Nancy will work with your internal teams to help facilitate problem solving, build consensus, and clarify brand pillars.


Creative Brand Strategy: Envision the next chapter of your business and your life. Create new revenue streams, amplify your message, broaden your audience, and upgrade to higher levels of success. 


Copywriting and Storytelling. Comprehensive Brand Story content for your website and social media channels.


Additional, Big-Dream Creative Projects:

  • Launch a podcast
  • Develop a brand book
  • Create lead magnets
  • Write newsletters
  • Ghostwrite books
  • Build content for ongoing social media posts
  • Collaborate with internal teams
  • Contribute to the expansion of your business in every way possible 

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“Nancy led me on my journey to visualize, build, and fully embody my Brand Story. The results are beyond anything I could have dreamed of. I love, love, love my new brand and highly recommend working with Nancy. She has the gift of keen insight, and is a visionary. With her support and encouragement, I stepped into a bold and beautiful position in my business.”

Dr Anna Cabeca, The Girlfriend Doctor

Author of bestselling books The Hormone Fix and Keto-Green™ 16

“Rarely have I encountered a person of such rare gifts and drive. Incredibly evocative as a visual storyteller; warm and passionate as a presenter; elegant and crystalline as a writer. Nancy understands, better than most, that a brand should be about more than a recitation of visual assets. In her hands, a brand becomes a product’s or company’s soul. If your brand needs definition, refinement or from-scratch creation, you simply cannot do better than Nancy.”

matt rosenblatt

Managing Director, Digital Transformation, Fjord

“Nancy is a woman you can fully trust to work written magic. She takes all the ideas and emotions you have swirling around in your head about your business, that you struggle to express, and (somehow – I’m really not sure how!) creates something articulate, ordered and meaningful. As someone who sometimes struggles to get the ideas in her head organized enough to conform to a piece of paper, or screen, in a way that makes sense to others – Nancy was incredibly valuable.”

Emily Foster

Founder, Glowing Potential