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Brand Therapy Coaching.

You have an exciting idea for the brand you want to build, but your vision may be unclear –
What’s your big dream and the story around it?
Who are your clients and how can you help them?
What are you selling and what is it worth?

These are the big questions every new and evolving brand owner needs to answer.

Nancy Bruce

In Brand Therapy coaching,

we’ll uncover the key components of the business you want to build… and we’ll shine a light on what might be holding you back from creating the brand of your dreams.

In three 75-minute coaching sessions, you’ll work one-on-one with me as I take you through my unique Brand Therapy process to get to the heart of Who You Are, What You Do, and Why It Matters.

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Here’s what it looks like…

Session 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 1
Session 1:

Brand Vision & Voice

The What-Why-How of your brand Vision: Let’s unpack the work you do and the impact you’ll make. Describe why it’s important and who it will help. And map out the step-by-step approach you’ll use to make it happen.

The Look, Sound, and Feel of your brand Voice: Your voice is the personality, the charm, and the true power behind your brand. We’ll make sure that your brand identity has a compelling voice of its very own that will resonate with the audience you want to reach.

Session 2
Session 3

Here’s what you get…

  • More clarity and confidence around your brand identity, and your ideal audience.

  • A solid understanding of how to package and price what you’re selling so that you can attract more clients and collaborators.

  • Between-session homework that will motivate you to envision, create and launch your brand!


At the end of our three sessions, you’ll receive the tools you need to take your vision forward — a detailed written overview of our coaching calls, analyzing and summarizing every idea we uncovered, each decision made, so that no nugget of insight falls through the cracks. This customized overview will capture your story, your passion, and your sense of purpose. It will clarify what and how you’re selling to your audience. It becomes the strategic foundation for you to build what’s next.

This is your moment to reinvent yourself.
This is your time to build your brand and write your future.

Let’s do this!

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“I really appreciate the structure you helped me create. The process was invaluable, and it pushed me into the next sphere with my brand. I also very much enjoyed chatting with you as an entrepreneur in our stage of life. Our early calls – where you helped me work through my vision of both Soul Farm and my own future – were truly motivating.”

Judi Harvin

Founder, Soul Farm Retreats

“Thank you for being the light that led me down this path. Since we began working together, I have new energy and wake up every day with a dance of creativity that I knew was there, but couldn’t feel what it was. You helped me identify my soul’s calling. I am indebted. This experience has been transformative.”

Marla “Nanny Bubby” Letizia

Cook, Gardener and Media Personality

“I truly did not anticipate the life and excitement that you would breathe into my vision with just the first phone call. I feel motivated, I feel hopeful, and I feel joy. You are far more than a branding specialist.”

Karen Gabler

Intuitive Mentor, Founder, Karen Gabler