How to keep your portal open

Here’s a question for you …

When was the last time you tried something creatively NEW? Something you’ve never done before, or even considered trying? For me, it was a few days ago.

I’ve never held a paint brush in my life, not really. Any painting done in grade school has long been forgotten. 

My dear friend Marie came to visit me from Los Angeles last week, and she brought her canvas and paints with her. In just three days, she made a stunning painting for our home – as a gift, a housewarming, a thank you. I love watching Marie work. She unfurled a huge canvas on our deck and woke early every morning to paint. As I was making my morning coffee, she was happily absorbed in her art. She rarely has a concrete plan when she paints, and she holds nothing back. She approaches her canvas without a shred of fear or doubt. It is a wonderful thing to see. 

One morning as I watched her work, a desire came over me like a flash – I wanted to paint a canvas too. Instead of second guessing or talking myself out of it, I said ok, let’s do this.

Off we rushed to the local art store so I could buy a canvas, brushes and paints (for the first time ever). Once we laid out my supplies and set up the easel on my tree deck (yes, I even bought an easel), something amazing happened. 

I walked up to the canvas, dipped my largest brush in cerulean blue, and SWIPED it right across the canvas. Whoosh. Then another, and another. I washed the brush and chose a deep yellow and put that color down too. Next came crimson. No fear, no doubt, no deliberating – just pure imagination and the willingness to go for it.

And I thought, if this was how I approached every creative project in my life, imagine how many would be completed by now! I wasn’t worried about how my painting should look or the steps I needed to take before I could start. I didn’t fret about form or composition. I certainly didn’t care what anyone would think of my painting. I just dove in, and then felt my way through it.

And as I painted I had a BIG realization: When you try something creatively new with no fear of failure, and no attachment to the outcome, you meet yourself and your energy in an entirely different way. It’s like being introduced to a fresh version of yourself. It is fantastically freeing. 

And I thought, these feelings of fearlessness and self-awareness and lightheartedness are feelings to stay close to. And maybe the way to stay close to them is through Daily Practice. 

Whether it’s writing, painting, sculpting, meditating, yoga, singing, dancing, or whatever you choose, the magic of Daily Practice is not just that it’s a “healthy habit” – it’s that it KEEPS YOUR PORTAL OPEN. 

What’s your Portal? I think of it as your channel to creativity, inspiration and imagination. Your gateway to intuition and divine guidance. Daily Practice keeps your Portal open because it stirs your soul. It’s an awakening (or a way to stay awake).

I know from working with lots and lots of clients that when it comes to building your brand and launching your creative project, it’s sadly so easy for your sparkling vision to get muted by self-doubt, embarrassment, insecurity, and imposter syndrome. These negative energies close your Portal on you. They cut you off from your inner wisdom and all the guidance that’s trying to flow your way. 

Don’t let it happen. Instead, challenge yourself creatively. Dabble in something unfamiliar. Feel that bright light of confidence again by trying something totally new. 

Go buy some paints and brushes. 

My theory is that when your Portal is open, there is no limit to what you can receive.