It’s time to feel limitless

I’ve been thinking lately about possibilities. Probably because I just returned from a 3-week trip to London and Italy, and anytime I travel it makes me see the world in an entirely new way. 

Getting out of my little day-to-day bubble makes me realize that, despite my best efforts, I can sometimes shrink my own worldview right down to a nub if I’m not careful. Life starts to look like the rooms of my house, the street that I live on, the errands that I run. 

Travel unleashes my imagination. It lets loose my spirit. It reminds me that life is large. 

When it comes to the work we can do, personally or professionally, I think we all get caught up in lowering the ceiling on ourselves. From not believing we can accomplish something, to thinking that the world isn’t interested in what we have to offer.

Almost every client I work with struggles with their own sense of possibility at one time or another. They reach a point where they just stop asking themselves what they CAN do. If nothing held them back. If they had all the time in the world. If a boulevard of green lights stretched out before them.

The first step in my work with clients is always about clearing away roadblocks and obstacles that sound like:

  • I have an idea for what I want to create, but I don’t know where to start
  • There are so many people doing similar work, how do I get noticed?
  • I know I need to evolve my business, but I feel stuck where I am.
  • I have no experience running my own brand – will it be too much for me to handle?
  • Will people really buy what I’m selling? Will they want to hear what I’m saying?

I hope it helps to know we’ve all been there. Even the most successful, wildly popular brand builders have asked themselves these questions, and even more pressing ones like –

What do I stand for? Where can I make an impact? What should I create?

Here’s what I want to tell you: No matter how many nagging questions you have about your passion and purpose, and no matter how shrunk down you may feel by Imposter Syndrome or Comparison Complex, there is a way to push through it all and bring your idea and your dream to life.

When you learn how to give yourself permission to imagine your work and your world as a limitless horizon of possibilities to explore — you inspire yourself, and everyone around you.

I want to hear all about your brand, creative project, or business idea and the vision behind it. I LOVE STORIES SO TELL ME EVERYTHING! (Right here.)

But first, I want you to know one thing: You and your brand can be a guiding light – for all of us out here, ready to receive it.

Let’s open the door to possibility, and see what you can do.