Master Your Brand

An inspiring 2-hour Masterclass to build confidence in your dream and clarity for your brand.

You have a dream that’s worth something.

You believe in the vision you have for your brand (and that’s the first and most essential part of success) but there’s so much more that goes into creating a bold, confident and clear message around it. A narrative truly yours. A story you can’t wait to tell. 

Don’t let your voice get lost and go unnoticed simply because you’re not sure what to say and how to say it.

Trust me when I tell you that every brand visionary and entrepreneur
I’ve ever worked with has been in the place you’re in now…

Wondering how to light a fire under the brand you want to build or grow.

Struggling with how to clearly communicate who you are and the value you bring to your clients and audiences. 

Trying to put together a framework that defines your work and your vision.

Looking for creative new ways to evolve your brand so it can reach more people and greater potential. 

Hoping to channel all of your million ideas into a coherent strategy and a compelling message.  

Master your Brand

This is the spark and structure you need. As a brand strategist, coach and writer, I will help you define your content, craft your voice, and gather momentum behind your dream.

Let’s go

In this 2-hour class, you’ll learn how to …
  • Get your head around your brand vision and values.
  • Develop a brand voice and vibe that speaks your truth.
  • Assemble the building blocks of your Brand Story – who you are, what you do and why it matters. 
  • Identify who your audience is and what they need. 
  • Understand how your mission meets your spirit. 
  • Write clear, powerful brand messages that sound like YOU and no one else. 
  • Gain the confidence and clarity to step into your brand identity and sell it.
  • Get the wheels turning on original content that communicates your expertise.
  • Tap into the inspiration to create a brand from your heart center.


you’ll download a Master Your Brand Workbook to help you follow along, take notes, answer questions, and create the foundational content of your brand.

AND, everyone receives a recording of the class, so if you miss it or want to rewatch it, it’s all yours.

I’m in

Confidence comes from knowing what you’re talking about, what you’re capable of, and shaping a message that you’re proud to put out into the world.

And with confidence comes that other magical ingredient for success: Enthusiasm. An absolute joy around what you create and share. Sometimes you just need a little help to ignite your energy and make things HAPPEN.

If you’re an entrepreneur at heart, more than anything you want the FREEDOM to …

  • Create something you can call your own.
  • Do the work you love with the people who light you up.
  • Make money on your own terms.
  • Boost your creative energy.
  • Trust your intuition, and make decisions that feel right to YOU.
  • Step out of your comfort zone and onto center stage.

That freedom is right at your fingertips. But FIRST, you have to tell a clear, confident and compelling story. When you master your message, you Master Your Brand. 

Date to be Announced…

12:00 to 2:00 pm Pacific

Cost: $110

Stay tuned!

“I’ve spent my career helping global brands, successful entrepreneurs, small business owners and first time start-ups tell a bigger, better story about who they are, what they do and why it matters.

I want to bring this level of brand inspiration to you, because there is nothing I love more than helping clients build something of their very own.

I see it in their eyes and hear it in their voices – the pride, the spark, the burst of YES, I CAN. You have a dream that’s worth something. This Masterclass will help you bring it to life. I hope to see you there.”

xoxo Nancy