What the Great Resignation tells us

You’re caught up in the “great resignation” OR you just really hate your job. Either way, what’s next?

I had a conversation with a friend recently and I asked her if she loved her job. 

“No way,” she said. 

This is someone who put herself through YEARS of school to do what she does. She’s in the profession of her choice, where she helps people every day. 

“Seriously?” I said. 

“I mean, I like what my job affords me,” she said. “I have a flexible schedule, I can spend time with my family and friends, and I make enough money to be able to send my kids to good schools and live where and how I want to live. But the job itself? No.”

“It doesn’t fill you with joy?” I asked. 

She laughed. “Absolutely not.” 

“So it’s not what you would call your passion?”


Now, from where I stand, it seems like this talented friend of mine has nothing but choices. She could work in her chosen field in a variety of ways, or she could have chosen something completely different to do with her professional self. But instead, she educated and trained herself, and then pursued a specific job and stayed there – for most of her adult life – even though it turns out she Doesn’t. Like. The. Job.

And she has no plans to leave it.

I’ll have to admit I just can’t relate to this in any way. Not anymore. I have moved so far beyond the confines of a 9-5 work life that it feels like someone else lived that life for me. A proxy, who dressed in business casual, poured herself coffee in the break room and attended hours-long meetings around big shiny conference room tables. 

The thing that I know – that maybe not everybody knows – is that once you quit traditional work life, there’s a different life waiting for you and it is – I don’t mean to oversell this but it IS – truly paradise. 

Do you realize you can invent a job for yourself? Not just that, you can invent a whole company to run. You can be the boss of YOU, and that includes only working on stuff that lights you up and only working with people who bring you joy. That’s right, you can handpick your projects and your team, build it with people you like, even love, and no one else is allowed because nothing ruins a vibe more quickly than people who bring you down (which by the way, is the biggest problem with most jobs).

The Great Resignation we’re in the midst of has revealed once and for all that no matter how much companies like to congratulate themselves about work culture and work families and work-life balance, the simple truth is that most people don’t like their jobs. That’s why they’re leaving in droves. 

It’s not just better wages people are looking for. It’s true fulfillment. As Beyonce sings in Break My Soul (which has been called the anthem of the Great Resignation) it’s time to release it. The burden, the stress, the monotony, and the soul-crushing drudgery of WORK. 

This is so much more than a reaction to the pandemic – it’s a cultural movement of people searching for a profession that fits them and their vision for what they want their life to be. 

This massive trend is happening for a lot of reasons. I imagine that most people are unfulfilled at work (I know I was). They feel unseen, unheard, or just plain unappreciated (yep). The pay may be lousy or the hours are too long. They yearn for more balance in their lives, and more time for personal pursuits, relationships, and responsibilities outside of their work life. 

But I think they also want something even bigger and bolder, and this I can relate to most of all, and maybe you can too. The idea of seeing what you’re truly capable of, how far you can go, how much you can surprise yourself, and if there is any limit to what you can do (hint: there’s not). 

This is the perfect time to dive deep and think about how you’re honoring your professional and personal goals. If your life-plan doesn’t match your reality, how can you change that? Maybe you want to stretch your creative wings, unearth your passions and turn them into some kind of purpose. You may be asking yourself: what do I want out of this one fabulous life I get to live? 

This Great Resignation can be your Great Opportunity, a catalyst for your next adventure. 

Consider this: the TOP THREE questions my clients ask me when they come to me with an idea they want to get off the ground or a brand they’re ready to build or grow are:

  1. How do I get started? 
  2. How can I monetize my ideas? 
  3. How do I build an engaged audience?

What they’re really asking is, how can I stop stalling, start selling, and build a sustainable business so I never have to go back to a typical 9-5 workplace again?

I hear that. I really do. 

The thing about building a small business is that there are steps to follow and things to be aware of. There are places to be cautious and times to take risks. The advice I give people who come to me ready to dip a toe in the entrepreneurial waters is this: 

Do it. At least try it. If you’re called to it, then it’s meant for you. It’s waiting for you to find your way to it.

Remind yourself that there is space in the world for your big idea. There is an open invitation for your talents and gifts. And if you want to create a positive impact, help people, and make life better for them? Then trust me when I tell you, you will locate your audience. You will find your way. 

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