Why Your Imagination is EVERYTHING

I had the most interesting chat yesterday with my spiritual coach (and dear friend) and we got onto the subject of imagination. Getting connected to it. What happens when you’re cut off from it. What it leads you to when you’re operating in full force, with the steam of your imaginative energy powering you.

And we agreed that the reason imagination is everything is because every single thing you’ll ever become starts with YOU imagining it first.

The minute you imagine yourself doing, making or being something, you are on your way to answering the call and making it real. 

But the other truth is that sometimes your imagination is a mystery, even to you. You ask yourself – what do I REALLY WANT to do? And an answer doesn’t just magically pop up. Your vision is foggy and your heart is unsure. You kind of want to do a bunch of things… but your true calling, your soul desire, your passion and purpose?

And I think that this, more than anything else, is what Imposter Syndrome feeds on. You can’t imagine yourself…

Doing something you love.

So you tell yourself the story that you can’t, you’re not good enough, it won’t happen for you, it wasn’t meant to be. Because the opposite of imagination is resignation.

The truth is, we all lose our imagination sometimes. For a LONG time I lost my ability to imagine myself happily in love. And a lot of the women I work with are searching for the focused, imaginative energy they need to bring their dreams to life.

I woke up this morning wanting you to know that there ARE ways of reclaiming your imagination and your connection to your true self and most potent power. You can learn to trust and believe in yourself again. You can start to see yourself as the star and the hero of your own story. And you can take steps in the direction of your dream.

Get started by downloading my free guide, 4 Ways to Spin Imposter Syndrome Into Gold. It’s one small, easy way to take that first step and spark your imagination.