You can do, or make, or be… anything.

All exciting creative projects start with a thought. A glimmer. The faintest view of something that you never saw before. The belief that suddenly hits you: I COULD DO THAT. Write that, Make that, Own that, Be that.

Too many people think that confidence is something you’re born with – either you’ve got or you don’t. Not true. You can learn to be confident. You can practice the art of believing in yourself. You can hone the habit of having your own back, trusting your instincts and listening to your intuition. 

Because there are no external beacons. You are your own guiding light. 

I once had a client who was afraid to go into the kitchen. She was constantly criticized by her father, told she didn’t know how to cook, and warned to stay out of the way. She began to avoid food, and shrink from her creative spirit. 

In her heart, she was a fearless chef. But in her life she sat on the sidelines and watched others do what she loved. 

Then one day, in the middle of life, she took a step forward and entered the kitchen. At first she followed the recipes of well-known chefs, but soon enough she began to put her unique spin on them, making the food her own. And in time she wrote her own recipes, and her confidence grew. 

She created a persona for herself and built an online brand around it. She began doing Facebook and Instagram LIVE shows, just slowly at first, tentatively… and then one day she declared she would do a show every day for a full year. And she did. 

Now she has a local TV cooking show and a thriving brand. The natural-born chef who was afraid to cook. The future media personality who was told to take a seat. 

She stood up. She claimed her spot.

Here’s what I want you to learn from her story: Whatever it is that you want to step into, know that your stage, your canvas, your platform is waiting for you. 

So take that first step. Commit yourself to action.

Remember this: Confidence isn’t swagger, it’s surety. A solid belief in yourself, your passion, and the singularity of what you have to offer. 

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Let’s do this together.